Samstag, 11. April 2009

New Layout! New Banner! New Style!

A nice day for Reggaeton vs. RnB. Finally I managed it to change many things. The most obvious change is the color; I thought that this 'white' is too boring now I chose the opposite: black combined with blue.
Moreover I exchanged the banner: I did not want to see these artists anymore; now it looks more stylish, the palms stand for the Caribbean origin of this blog.

Furthermore I changed the content. The last time (even though I wrote nearly nothing) the posts rather dealt with House and Electro than with Reggaeton or RnB. I will follow this trend, but I will not lose completely sight of RnB or Reggaeton.

Last but not least I want to promise you that I will publish articles more frequently than before.

I hope that you like the design now! Keep visiting my blog