Freitag, 18. Januar 2008

Taio Cruz - Departure (Album Release)

Noch vor kurzem hieß es, dass Taio Cruz' Debütalbum "Departure" am 17. März diesen Jahres erscheinen solle. Doch nun hat er diese Aussage revidiert. Taio hatte sich um eine Woche geirrt - so erscheint das Album nun am 10. März, 2008.

Ooooh what good news i have for you all!

I posted earlier that my album would be released on March 17th... But for the first time EVER!!!!.... I get to give you news that my music is coming out EARLIER than stated.

Yes, it was my mistake! I had a whole heap of dates for things confused in my head and mixed it up with the release of something else {this is what happens when you're working ALL - THE - TIME!!! ;)}

Anyways, please accept my apologies for the incorrect information, and check out the OFFICIAL release schedule below...

Come On Girl - Digital Release - 25th February 2008
Come On Girl - Physical Release - 3rd March 2008

DEPARTURE - Album Release - 10th March 2008

Taio Cruz