Montag, 2. April 2007

Lo más fino de .... TEMPERAMENTO

Cristian Estremera Ramos - besser bekannt unter dem Namen Temperamento ist der Geheimtipp für das Jahr 2007. Trotz der Tatsache, dass er im Gegensatz zu anderen Berühmtheiten der Latin Hip Hop-Szene wie Noztra oder Don Dinero keinen Vertrag besitzt, wird er in den Augen seiner treuen Fans als Lebende Legende und als König des Latin Hop Hop bezeichnet. Auszeichnen tut ihn sein unverwechselbarer Flow.
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Die Tracks auf seiner MySpace-Seite sind für jeden Fan des Latin Hip Hop und vielleicht auch für einige des US-Hip Hop ein Muss.

Mein Tipp: #1
Te Esbarato

Interview mit Temperamento von Indie Latino:

ANGELA: Controversy, Controversy, Controversy is what surrounds the man that everyone calls TEMPERAMENTO. When did you get your start in the music industry?

TEMPERAMENTO: In 99 along the group "Mafia Negra" which had more then 15 rappers at the time I joined, Noztra was one of them as u know he is doing his thing right now.

ANGELA: Wow. Ok wait a sec. I met Mafia Negra at La Batalla de Los Gallos. Is Mike Mic one of them?

TEMPERAMENTO: Yes he was the founder of Mafia Negra but there was a time when it was an Army of rappers from RI all the way to PR.

ANGELA: Wow. That's nice. Why did you end up leaving the group?

TEMPERAMENTO: Well I’m gonna keep it hood since u Gangster ha ha ha, I had to put 2 of the members in their place and afterwards people just kept leaving the group, something I regret since I would have gone to the Grave for my Team.

ANGELA: Me gangster. ha ha ha. I feel you. Wow. Do you still talk to the team?

TEMPERAMENTO: Yes, to almost all of them and even the ones I dont talk to…. I wish them the best they all are nice rappers.

ANGELA: That's great! So how did you go from team member to "all time diss-master"? ha ha ha.

TEMPERAMENTO: Well I Wrote blood when it came to Hip Hop and never got the attention, tried working with industry cats and never got the attention, felt strongly they didnt want no one over shining them, so I got to the point I had to do me, a lot of people left my circle when I did because they thought people were going to ignore me but as you can see I’m getting accepted by loyal fans who know the truth is coming.

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