Samstag, 31. August 2013

Nora En Pure - Come With Me (Official Video)

Nowadays, you usually see half naked girls in music clips (which isn't that bad at all) - "Come With Me" of Swiss house producer Nora En Pure is different. The video is played backwards, at the beginning you what happened and in the process you see the whole story that lead to this "incident" - this video is making you think about yourself and the world around you. Addionally, it is not only the video, the song is probably even more awesome.

Freitag, 30. August 2013

Tensnake feat. Fiora - "See Right Through"

Looking for Deep House on Beatport, this one is highly recommended. Being played on Pete Tong's radio show and declared as the week's "Essential Tune" about one month ago, German producer Tensnake's song "See Right Through" was released last week. 
You may also remember the featured artist Fiora from productions of Armin van Buuren or Arty.

Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Francesca Maria feat. Jayko,Cisa & Drooid - Dale Dale (Official Video)

We have been writing about Cisa el Caneca quite frequently when Reggaeton vs. RnB was active. Now we missed one of his newer productions. However, it isn't too late: Cisa and Droid recently collaborated with Italian singer Francesca Maria and Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Jayko in the song "Dale Dale". 
Actually the song has everything it needs: shot in Brazil, a hot dancer named Francesca Maria and a popular Dance rhythm. No wonder the official video has about 35,000 hits and almost only postive ratings. "Dale Dale" was released two weeks ago on iTunes among others.
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Prophex & Fuego - Mi Muñeca (prod. by Prophex)

As you may have noticed Reggaeton vs. RnB has been offline for several months. As an effect of many SPAM mails in our Gmail account, we unfortunately haven't recognized many mails sent by artists or producers. 
For example this one: two months ago, Dominican artist Prophex sent us his latest song "Mi Muñeca" featuring Dominican fellow Fuego. Like many other Prophex productions is one is also Merengue. 

Montag, 26. August 2013

Jeremy Olander vs Kent - Petroleum

It is simply fascinating how star producers like Axwell or Eric Prydz pull out new talented producers of their heads. One of Eric Prydz's protegés is Jeremy Olander, a 25-year-old, who is naturally from Europe's capital of house music: Stockholm.
Today, his latest progressive house track "Petroleum" has been released on Beatport